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Subnational Parliaments in Budget Session

Here is the timeline of these sessions. >>>

How much budgets the parliament cuts and in which areas?

The parliament has just approved the budget on 13 September, cutting down only 0.92% of the total amount proposed by the ministries. A total of 20 different budget assessment teams of the parliament worked to chunk down the government budget proposals since the start of the ninth regular session of the parliament that started on 23 July 2018.

2018-19 FY Union Government Budget in a Glimpse

The Union Government ministries submitted the budget proposals to the parliament on 23 and 25 July. They are now under the scrutiny of 16 budget assessment teams of the parliament. The Bill Committee and the Public Accounts Committee will compile the results and report back to the parliament soon.

A sneak peek into 2019 gov’t budget

Finance Commission, chaired by the President, met on 13 July to approve the budget proposals which will be tabled to the parliament in the upcoming session.

Why more budget allocations on education and health doesn’t translate into better schools and clinics

Underspending in social expenditures would surely mean we have few or lower quality services. We need better management of these public finances to have significant impact on public life.

What your tax money can do?

There are two competiting questions in Myanmar’s public life today. The first common one in our teashop talks of ‘politics’ or ‘government’ is, “Do you pay tax?” It was subsequently complemented by another question mark, “What good would a little more pennies of my tax money do?” Here is the good news.

How to Use the Dashboard

Myanmar Budget Explorer is designed to provide a simple tool for exploring Myanmar's published budget data in the interest of enhancing transparency and encouraging discussion and analysis of Myanmar's budget process and allocations.