What is Myanmar Budget Dashboard?

And how to use it

How to Use the Dashboard

Myanmar Budget Explorer is designed to provide a simple tool for exploring Myanmar's published budget data in the interest of enhancing transparency and encouraging discussion and analysis of Myanmar's budget process and allocations.

For the purposes of ease-of-use, the tool is organized around a number of separate sections which allow the budget data to be viewed in specific ways, including:

State and Region Budget Summaries - Provides a summary of a State or Region's main published expenditure and revenue items.

Subnational Budget Explorer - Allows a user to compare an individual budget items and departments across multiple states and regions.

Union Budget Summary - Provides a user with the ability to examine an individual entry in the published Union government budget over time.

Budget Data Explorer - provides a simple way for exploring and downloading budget data according to a number of filters such as the budget year and classification.

Please note that the dashboard team is currently in the process of refining the dashboard and expanding the available data. Questions and comments can be sent to the Dash-Master.

A Note on the Budget Data:

All data has been obtained from published official gazettes approved by the relevant legislature. Although efforts have been made to check the figures, users should check published budgets to ensure figures are consistent with latest budget revisions.

Myanmar Budget explorer was developed by Ewan Keith, Loren Velasquez and Giles Dickenson-Jones with the help of Statistics Without Borders. OMI would also like to thank the many researchers involved in translating and checking the budget data.