Update: Latest data update puts more state/region government budgets online

Posted by Budget Dashboard on April 23, 2018

Ananda Data is running this government budget dashboard website which publishes union and state/region government budget data in open data format with interactive visualisations for better understanding of these budget data. We also publish budget data-driven articles on the website frequently.

The data on the website were extracted from budget laws approved by Union and state/region parliaments yearly. These laws are made available to the public through Government gazetteers, government newspapers, government and parliament websites and government publications.

The web portal now has all the budget estimates of Union government from 2011-12 FY to 2018-19 FY.

We have 68.37% of state/region government budget data from 2012-13 FY to 2018-19 FY. Our most recent update on 22 April 2019 brings 20.41% of all these seven years’ data online.

These state/region budget laws also have to be made available to public as laws. The team scrapped all the available gazetteers and other resources for remaining data, but with no luck. If you by any chance have access to these public documents in any format maybe PDF or photo or even hardcopy, you can reach out to us to contribute largely to this open data initiative.